Happy Horno consistently delights its clients by providing a domestic oven cleaning service of the highest standard. Contact us if you would like you oven, range, hob, extractor, microwave or BBQ cleaned by our professionals.

Our Services

Deep oven cleaning

Here at happy horno we really do mean deep clean, all areas of your oven are completely stripped down and individually cleaned including enameled panels, glass oven doors, fans and trays.

Extensive hob clean

Hobs generally mean burnt on residue from cooking spills, often very difficult to break down crusted carbon and stains, again we have over come this issue with our specialists cleaning methods and can achieve spectacular results for all to see.

Extractor fan

Of course an extractor fan is dealt with in a different way to an oven as the fan surround and Gauze are primarily grease saturated, we have the technology to return your extractor to its former glory and functionality.

All ranges & stoves

As previously described ranges and stoves all suffer from every day symptoms of cooking, remarkable results are always achieved through our professional, dedicated and “can do” approach.

Intensive BBQ clean

Undoubtedly the hardest appliance to clean. Carbon, grease and fat baked and lodged into all the nooks and crannies, with patience, time and effort and our first class range of products, miracles can be achieved. So don’t dispare Happy Horno is ready to take on the task, how ever daunting it may seem.

Extra services

We are able to replace oven light bulbs, oven door seals, extractor filters and in some circumstances knobs and decals (model dependent).

Why us?

We got the tools

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Certified Experience

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Competitive Pricing

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